Planning & Preservation

The Planning Division engages citizens in conversations about Columbia's future and plays a central role in guiding the long-term development of the built and natural environment.  The Division's seven staff members evaluate, monitor, and develop the City's comprehensive plan, and land use policy; facilitate annexation; and work with neighborhood, historic preservation, and urban design projects.

The Division also guides and supports the work of the City of Columbia's Planning Commission, Design/Development Review Commission, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, as well as other City boards and commissions.

Picture of pedestrians and musician at Soda City Market  Picture of individuals discussing display boards at a public meeting  Picture of a bicyclist riding on a street with painted shared lane markings and yield to pedestrian crosswalk markings

Current Projects

City planning relies on public input and vision - click below to see what projects the Planning Division is currently working on, and find out how you can be a part of envisioning Columbia.