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All pets require health care. That means annual check-ups and vaccines at your veterinarian's office along with appropriate care and follow-up for illnesses or injury.
Always provide your animal with a water source, shade and appropriate shelter, because to do otherwise is inhumane. Creature comforts are critical for your pet's physical and emotional well-being.
Cats fare better as indoor pets as they are vulnerable when allowed to roam outdoors. Dogs, automobiles and neighbors who do not like cats pose threats to your feline.

Companionship attracts us to our animal friends. Pets require human companionship, too. Are you away from home frequently for business or pleasure? If you cannot give your cat or dog the attention it needs and deserves, rethink whether you should get a pet. If you are planning on getting a pet, we hope you will consider adopting a shelter pet.                                                        

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