(Animal Services enacted ordinances can be found in Chapter Four of the City Code of Ordinances. )

  1. ALL pets must be licensed. For more information, see Animal Services Licensing Your Pet page. You can view the licensing ordinance Chapter 4, Section 62.
  2. Pet breeding is NOT allowed within City limits.
  3. All dogs must be on a leash. Failure to do so may result in $200 fines as seen in Chapter 4, Section 64.
  4. Redemption of impounded pets: Chapter 4, Section 67

Why Spay/Neuter

  • Care, maintenance and euthanasia of unwanted animals are a burden on taxpayers.
  • By implementing differential licensing and requiring all animals be sterilized before leaving the shelter, the City of Columbia reduces the number of unwanted litters, which in turn helps reduce euthanasia.
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