If you would like to report a stray animal in Richland County or the City of Columbia, call the City at (803) 776-PETS (7387) or the County at (803) 929-6000. 

Owned Animals

 If for any reason you can no longer look after your current pet, you may turn it in to the shelter, but please   consider giving us a call first. We may be able to help you resolve the issue that is resulting in your animal having to be turned in. We would love to help you work out a way to keep your pet.

Lost & Found

Lost a pet? Please visit your local shelter. Calling helps, but it is best for owners to physically look for a lost pet. Descriptions can get confusing since many of our animals tend to look alike. Also be sure to check, where you can search for lost pets by city name or zip code.

Report Abuse

Be a voice for the voiceless. If you know of any animal in need, even if it is minor, call the City at (803) 776-PETS (7387) or the County at (803) 929-6000. Often a situation can be corrected simply by educating the owner. Other times, it is dire and it is in the best interest to remove the animal from their home.  

Help Prevent Bites.

Should you come across a stray, here are a few tips.
  • Don't run from a dog as it has a natural instinct to chase. Stand still; usually the dog will sniff you, then leave you alone.
  • Don't touch a sick, injured or scared animal; it may bite you out of fear or surprise.
  • Avoid staring into a dog's eyes; they may think you are threatening them.
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